A Grand Premiere for a Premium Event …

The first PAINTINDIA CONGRESS, offered in conjunction with the PAINTINDIA 2018, invites the international coatings community to learn about the most recent research results and industrial developments in coatings technology.

From the submissions received about 20 high-level technical papers have been selected for oral presentation, based on the potential of the contribution to add value to the industry. Five focused topical sessions will be held over the two conference days. Additionally, 20 other equally interesting presentations will be offered in a highly interactive poster session.

The first PAINTINDIA CONGRESS is poised to provide you with a deep and comprehensive overview on what the industry and the academia have in store for the technical advancement of coatings formulations. The congress will present scientific and technical insights on how to address today’s challenges of increasing customer and legislative demands for both higher coatings performance and greater environmental benefit.

Reasons to attend:
- Meet industry visionaries

The best and brightest leaders in the coatings community share the latest research and technology. It's ideal for perfecting your skills and enhancing the success of your company.Meet some of the brightest minds in coatings technology and renew personal contacts.

- Turbo charge your team

Bring your team along, recharge your batteries and return to your labs brimming with new ideas andinsights into best practices.

- Fuel your innovation

Collaboration is the essence of innovation. Attendance at first PAINTINDIA CONGRESS is the best way to meet people who are as passionate as you are about coatings technology.

I am sure you will not want to miss this important event, so register and make your plans now. See you in Mumbai on 8 - 10 March 2018 !